Official Press Release, Climatopolis Group in Canada, France, Hong Kong and United Arab Emirates

Official Global Press Release

Climatopolis (www.climatopolis.fr) is the first world scientific complex dedicated to climate change. The concept includes a start-up accelerator offering financial, research, engineering, fabrication, and workshops for the development of pre-series organizations. The objective of Climatopolis is to facilitate collaboration between start-ups driving technology, industrial and commercial innovations, to affect climate change.

Climatopolis was founded in 2018 by Olivier Camp CEO Group, (a technologist expert in environment and start-up finance) and JC Robert DelHaye (Drone Think Do Founder & Chairman / EU EIP-SCC UAM Ambassador for Belgium / U-Space Network of Demonstrators / Global Expert in Drones, Smart Cities and Defense) in Europe.

Their desire is to develop and duplicate many Climatopolis’ around the world serving a single beneficiary: our environment.
To date, many Climatopolis projects are emerging around the world (Canada, China, Emirates, etc.). As humanity becomes more aware of its fragility and shifts the lifestyle paradigm post-Covid19, it is urgent to refocus our know-how and our universal focus on the environment. The European Union is leading the way with the Green Deal and Climatoplis’ innovative concept.
On June 3, 2020, we are pleased to announce the founding of the Supercluster Climatopolis proposed for Ottawa (Canada) through our partnership with Terranova Defense Solutions and Drone Think Do Canada.

Terranova Defense Solutions, Climatopolis France, Drone Think Do (DroneThinkDo) and Drone Think Do Canada have come together to create a global partnership to develop the world’s first ‘Dual Clean Tech’ smart city project designed to reverse the effects of climate change, help humanity with an environment we all share together.

Climatopolis Supercluster – Climate Innovation Smart City

The Purpose of the Climatopolis Supercluster is to come together to build two (02) 200-acre (80 hectares) dual Climatopolis Projects; One for Paris, France, and one for Ottawa, Canada.

This initiative will be Canada’s First Scientific Smart Centre that will be built specifically for the benefits of Green Technologies and Climate Change. Climatopolis Canada and Climatopolis France, once built, will incubate, educate, train and support researchers, students, and start-ups who wish to innovate for the benefit of the environment and climate change.

Our Global Mission

Our Global Mission at the Service of Innovation and the Environment:

Climatopolis Canada and Climatopolis France will become interdisciplinary and international ecosystems working in Ottawa, Canada, and in Paris, France. Our global mission includes accelerated scientific innovations and the commercialization of these virtuous technologies for the benefit of our environment, species, and climate change as a primary objective for humanity.

Our role as a scientific accelerator is to promote research, innovation, education, training, creation and development of start-ups to transform these young shoots into growth companies (or “scale-ups”) for sustainable development, ecological, energy transition and the protection of biodiversity.

The Climatopolis Solution is universally managed by Olivier CAMP, CEO of the www.climatopolis.fr (group), the international team of Climatopolis, and expert partners detect start-ups and micro-projects in environmental research worldwide, which are very often isolated by lack of means. Our continued mission is to federate and accelerate their development, thanks to our infrastructure and extensive global resources. This is in order to hatch the future deep-tech and green unicorns of tomorrow.

Thanks to the synergies of knowledge and know-how that emerge from our innovation ecosystem, we can thus offer these markets and ecological solutions that are accessible to consumers globally, as the only winner is our planet.

We favor the following areas: ecological and universal transition, energy systems, bio-economy, protection of biodiversity and species, circular economy, eco-efficiency in industry, agriculture, and eco-construction, bio-sourced materials, autonomous robotics, UAV’s and USV’s, digital and artificial intelligence applied to green growth and product intelligence.

The Climatopolis Supercluster is looking forward to the build-out of these global developments and how the world will work together creating a better world for all of us to enjoy, now and forever.

Contacts For more information on this Climatopolis Canada Project and the Climatopolis Supercluster, James Castle (CEO, Drone Think Do Canada, and Canadian Ambassador, Drone Think Do Belgium) James.Castle@dronethinkdo.ca

For more information on this Climatopolis Group Project, send an email to Olivier Camp (CEO): Olivier.Camp@climatopolis.fr

James Castle is the Canadian Ambassador of Drone Think Do (International Brussels EU District-based “Think Tank” to EU & International Organisations), representing over 30,000 high-profile partners in over 84 countries globally & supporting/initiating/co-developing smart cities related sustainable ambitious projects). In addition, James Castle is the Executive Director of Drone Think Do Canada and President (Co-Founder) of Terranova Defense Solutions.

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